gtGpsRecorder is an App for recording tracks by continuously recording the GPS-Positions.


The following functions are included:

• Recording of GPS-Positions
The App is able to record an infinite number of trackpositions (only limited by the filespace availabeon your device)

• Countinous display while recording

o position, speed and distance is displayed in different units (km, NM, Miles)
o Compassdisplay
Direction of movement
Orientation of the device
o Track-View in a Map
As small preview in Main-View
As Fullscreen-View
o Defining the display oft he track, run so far, center to actual position or to
the entire track.

• Sampling of multiple tracks of the same day to a single trackfile

• Display of single or sampled tracks in a Map-View

• Display of additional information of recorded tracks

o Start- and Endtime
o Distance
o Filesizes and count of positions or placemarks

• Converting of the internally used recordingformat

o Recording as NMEA RMC-Sentences
o Convert NMEA to KML
Format and content are selectable
Line, Placemarks with speed and heading in selectable time interval
Count of the positions is „thinnable“ to create smaller filesizes of the generated KML-Files
o Convert NMEA to GPX
Content is selectable, with or without timestamp

• Social Media

o Posting of Track-Screenshots on Facebook
o Posting of Track-Screenshots on Twitter


o Send PDF via eMail
o Preview with integrated PDF-Viewer
o Printing via AirPrint

• Access to all generated files via iTunes

Show PDF-Manual