The program iDrifter serves the continuous monitoring of the position (anchorfix) for anchoring yachts. The program displays graphically the current drift of the yacht relating to the anchor – selectable either as a radar graph or as a map graph in Google Maps. For this purpose, the current position in relation to the anchor will be identified once per second and digitized as a dot on the display. As soon as a specific distance –adjustable by the skipper- to the anchor fix will be exceeded, an acoustic alarm will resound.

This program serves only as a support tool for navigation and save anchoring. It does not replace seaman’s duty at anchoring and the verification of the safe anchoring position by the application of the adequate procedures !

When starting the app, a start screen will be shown. On this screen, the monitoring of the anchor position can be started either in the radar or in the map display. This can be chosen by activating the Drifter- or the Mapper-icon.
In the upper part the following data is displayed:
• current position
• current speed (SoG)
• current direction of movement (CoG)
• UTC-time
• Age of latest position
• selected minimum accuracy
• current accuracy of the position

Also, the current course is visualized in a compass.
In the part below, when Drifter- or Mapper-Module is activated, the following details will be shown:
• Position of the anchorfix,
• The current distance to the anchorfix
• The selected alarm barrier

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